Project Overview

Parocam is a funny iOS app transforming images of human faces (such as stretching the mouth) in real time, using multithread face-detection tech based on GPU. You can paste your mouth on the character's face, or make your eyes bigger.
  • 2014.10 – 2016.1
  • Leezee Tech Inc.
  • Together with Bicheng Luo
  • Co-Founder &#38 Main iOS Developer


The application aims to make communication more intersting and joyful. It is funny to morph someone's face when watching their normal videos. Based on this ideas and collaborating with two friends, we made an iOS camera application that could automatically distort and morph human faces taken from the camera. I was in charge of developing and implementing face recognition algorithms using computer graphic methods. The App attracted investors and I co-founded Leezee software company.The application receives over 20,000 downloads in App Store (with overall rating 4+).  Application website :

Media Cover

Mindstore collection: Parocam at a glance, 2015-04-15 [link]


Version 1 - UI &#39 Logic Design
Version 1.1 - UI &#39 Logic Design
Version 1.2 - Show Page
Version 1.3 - Tutorial Pages
Version 2.0 - Main Page, with online contents
Operation flow and database design for Vesrion 2.0
Team Members

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