Project Overview

We envision Fluxa as a transient wearable display to foster richer self-expression and communication in daily life . Fluxa is an wearable device (LED array) utilizes POV(Persistence of Vision) to display light effects while moving.
  • Summer 2016
  • Fluid Interfaces Group Media Lab, MIT
  • Together with Xin Liu
  • Display Algorithm Coder &#38 iOS programmer


When the user moves his/her limb, Fluxa displays a pattern that, due to retinal afterimage, can be perceived by the surrounding people. It can be used to enhance existing social gestures such as handwaving to get attention, as a communicative tool that displays the speed and distance covered by joggers, and as a decoration device that generates images around dancing bodies. We used Arduino and Adafruit LEDs as the hardware, and sewed them on a glove. The LED will blink each frame, representing each column of the image. Gyometer was used to determine the waving speed and direction. We also built an iOS control application.


Xin Liu, Katia Vega, Jing Qian, Joe Paradiso, Pattie Maes. “Fluxa: Body movements as a social display” Proceedings of the adjunct publication of the 29th annual ACM symposium on User interface software and technology. ACM, UIST 2016. [link]

Media Cover

Wave Emojis at Your Friends with Velcro LEDs, MOTHERBOARD October 17, 2016 [link]


Stage 0 : Sole LEDStage 1 : Glove with LEDs
Display TextMotion Display
Emojis designed for display

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