Shoulder Interaction Device

Project Overview

Shoulder is the most flexible joint of human body while the interaction of shoulder is barely explored. To explore the possibility of Muscle-Computer interface(how natural could it be?), I made a sensing device to gather shoulders EMG signals using a Myo armband and recognize several gestures with machine learning. Then it transfer the gestures into control signals.
  • Summer 2016
  • Fluid Interfaces Group Media Lab, MIT
  • Together with Hugo
  • Lead Developer &#38 Researcher


Many interaction tools like keyboard or touch screen separate us from the device we are interacting with. They make an artificial layer between human and computer. To explore what is a “natural” style, we made the shoulder controller. First, shoulder is the most flexible joint which is able to do many complex movements. Second, moving shoulders won’t interrupt other normal activities such as riding a bike. Thus it’s ideal for daily use.



Process Diagram
Mucles of Shoulder 1Mucles of Shoulder 2
Early stage of using EMG MyroSensorTest with Myo
Set up of the device 1Set up of the device 2
EMG signal of shoulder muscles

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